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Voluntary firefighters can be seen with reflective tape

Le 21 juillet 2017, 05:34 dans Humeurs 0

There are More than two hundred men in heavy fire manures and one single woman among them all wears safety clothing. It looked like the night from Monday to Tuesday and the next day at the Skeins. It was there, in the area of several hundreds of meters, that the eighteen fire brigades strengthened the natural dam.

It was threatening that, at the highest flows, the river Morava could be overcome in this critical section. "When we were just over the morning, we all had to pull our legs one by one," remembers Runny, 38-year-old volunteer firefighter from Durban.

On Monday, at about six o'clock in the evening, a report from the operational fire brigade, she and her husband were already ready to leave.

On the dike, she got a raincoat and rubber boots. Her task was clear - all night, along with fifteen other firefighters, stretching the geo textile firing on the dam, which was to be held on both sides by the stops, so that she would not miss the natural dam.

"It was tedious and infinite, only reflective tapes on my minus colleagues were visible in the dark," remembers the firefighter for the time when an electricity generating unit ceased to work overnight.

Casting up to twenty pounds of heavy sacks of sand along the Skeins dam made it more difficult for rain and cold weather. "The guys who wore sacks of sand all night on their shoulders fell with fatigue on the slippery surface of the mud dam," Rudolph described.

People are going to be in trouble

Even though it has been interfering with the floods in the past years, so much action has taken place on Monday for the first time. "It is strange how people can help in such crisis situations, even if they are sometimes ill-treated, misfortune is always able to bring them together," says a woman who has reached the bottom of the power when building the dyke.

She did not fail to add that it was a team work, and that admiration was not the only voluntary firefighter in action, but all those who wear safety vest and worked long and long hours on the dam to prevent the water element from causing even more damage.

When it began to dawn, nine hundred exhausted firemen were replaced by about a hundred fresh ones. "I was only sleeping until eleven, and then I had to get up and go to the lunch fast," she laughed at the volunteer firefighter.


The missing reflection elements are subject to a fine

Le 19 juillet 2017, 05:05 dans Humeurs 0

Changes on the road: pedestrian reflective elements and introduction of cycling zones. On Saturday 20 February, an amendment to the Road Traffic Act will enter into force. Police say the eye narrows down

Last year, police officers in the Moravian-Silesian Region dealt with 15 cases of killed pedestrians, of who 11 lost their lives in reduced visibility. This week there were seven victims in the region, including five pedestrians. Four of them died as a result of reduced visibility, whether outside or in the community.

It is not only thanks to these and similar statistics that the amendment to the Road Traffic Act has entered into force since Saturday.

It is obviously the most debatable change in pedestrian duty to have visually placed accessories from retro reflective material.

This obligation will be given to pedestrians in three cases: if they are in reduced visibility outside the village, in a place that is not illuminated by public lighting, or if they are moving along the edge or the edge of the road.

The torch is not enough

"Among the retro reflective elements, for example, today are so many popular tapes or various pendants and stickers, which are now available virtually everywhere, and we will give them as part of the preventive actions," Jury, head of the traffic police department, told the Moravian-Silesian police. Flashlights, lighted mobile and other substitutes are not sufficient by law.

If pedestrians do not have the visibility to improve the elements, they are liable to a fine of up to two thousand crowns. Police say the eye narrows down.

"We will not be fined unconditionally, we can deal with the situation first. Our priority is to warn pedestrians in particular to observe this duty, "noted Jixi, according to which the accidental participation in an accident will be assessed individually.

News for cyclists

One of the novelties that will come into force on Saturday is also the introduction of cycling zones to complement already existing pedestrian and residential areas. They will be deployed on a continuous basis even in cities, but any locations are not yet selected.

"Cyclists in this zone, which will be marked at the beginning and end of the road mark, may move in their entire width. The additional table may allow some of the vehicles to enter the bicycle zone, where the maximum permitted speed will be 30 km / h and the parking space will be possible only in the car parks, "Jury Ely informed of the upcoming novel. And they are all need to equip a safety vest.

Watch out for snow and ice

As a result of the amendment, cyclists will no longer be able to overtake the right column of vehicles, as long as there is a car turning to the right, which will tell the direction of the change of direction in a "blinker." On the contrary, cyclists will be better protected on road crossings designed for them.

The law has added two much-discussed changes for the driver. "From Saturday, they cannot drive a vehicle with dirt, frost or snow that prevents viewing on either side, or a vehicle on which it is alone or on ice," said the head of the traffic police department.

Other important changes

The amendment to the law comes with a number of other changes, the most important of which are the following. The ban on stopping and stalling does not apply to drivers of safety and rescue services. Stopping vehicles may also be organized by organizers of sporting, cultural and similar events, which are listed in a special permit, which must be demonstrated.


Pupils received sweets and reflective tape gifts

Le 17 juillet 2017, 08:04 dans Humeurs 0

For most of the children wear reflective vest, the majority of children will go to dinner. Pupils 4.B from the Elementary School and the Kindergarten got it exceptionally on Monday. Marisa, who has over the patronage class, was handed over in person.

The children sang at the beginning, followed by a ceremonial handing over of the certificate in the presence of the School Principal and Deputy Director Eva.

The deputy of the Czech Parliament from our district congratulated the pupils and gave them a small gift, sweets and reflective tape in addition to the certificate. "There is a need to motivate children to feel safe and to see them. I had the feeling that although they are very fond of school, they are already looking forward to the holidays, "said Marisa and reminded that the pupils have a promised trip to Prague with a visit to the Chamber of Deputies.

Marisa in safety vest then spent an hour discussing the eighth and ninth year students, talking about the refugee crisis, the situation in the UK, or their future high school education. It also talked about the work of deputies, state institutions and politicians.


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