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Reflective vest is important for bikers

Le 19 mai 2017, 04:42 dans Humeurs 0

Volta is a special use of bicycles, quite different from walking, hiking or running. It is a daily journey, with a fixed itinerary but conditions that can vary. Also, this is a trip that you cannot afford to cancel in case of a minor problem! The operator must equip himself with reflective vest according to these constraints. Here is a short overview of the essential bike equipment...

 If it is necessary to have a bicycle, self or rented in self-service, which is sometimes less obvious, it must be in good condition. So is the safety of the cyclist! For this, the essential points to check are:

The brakes, which must be correctly adjusted, and whose pads must be changed when they arrive at the end of wear;

The transmission, in particular the chain, which must be regularly lubricated;

The tires must be properly inflated and changed when they arrive at the end of wear.

In addition to these main points, the bike must also be completely revised at least once a year.

By bike, the body is you! Proper equipment should therefore be installed to reduce the risk of accidents and to reduce the risk of injury in the event of an accident, including:

Reflectors or reflective elements: white at the front, red at the rear (often integrated in the lights), orange on each wheel (these are subject to a fairly rapid fouling and must therefore be cleaned regularly);

Appropriate bike lighting: the traffic lights, white in the front and red in the rear, are compulsory and essential to drive at night, since an unlit driver is virtually invisible to motorists;

A yellow waistcoat, which is compulsory for night travel outside built-up areas, and recommended in all cases;

A helmet, not mandatory but generally recommended;

A bell in working order, placed so as to be usable quickly and instinctively!

This equipment can be supplemented with other elements, such as danger spreaders or wheel lights or reflectors.

To get around by bike all year round, you sometimes have to face ... the rain and the cold. No problem, with proper clothes, it will not be so painful.

A waterproof reflective jacket and pants for optimal protection, possibly breathable;

Or for a cape designed for cycling (with attachments for the hands to prevent it from coming up with the wind), which will be combined with high gaiters to protect its calves from splashes.


It needs more reflective elements in construction

Le 17 mai 2017, 04:38 dans Humeurs 0

155 complexes, consisting of, among others, The three-star Hampton by Hilton, an office building and shopping complex, is expected to be ready in early 2018. This place, associated for years with plastic shacks and tents with used books and records, is to become one of the city's business cards. After investing the landscape of the vicinity of Center is to change very much. There will be a 19-storey office building with a height of 76 meters to become the highest building of this type. Next to it will be a seven-storey hotel, connected with 4 thousand square meters. Commercial and service space. In the past year, the investor - Properties co-owner of the Master Management Group - together with the city, praised the beautiful visuals. Deadline of construction is at beginning of next year.

If the investor wanted to get to the deadline, the construction site should boil, as in the hive. Meanwhile, nothing has happened for two months. Cranes stand unused, heavy equipment has disappeared, there are no workers. "For a long time, peace and quiet," says a security guard who wears the safety jacket working in a neighboring building. It seems that, however, construction site someone is watching. From al. Kosciuszko in the security guard in the chair sits a puppet, more specifically a jacket dressed in a reflective vest and construction helmet. We have not been able to talk to the puppies.

Why did the construction stand? With Master Management Group we received a message that ... "construction work is under way". The company rates the construction as "dynamic". The general contractor finalized the relocation of electricity, gas, water and telecommunication networks and completed the construction of slotted walls in accordance with the agreed schedule of works. We have started work on dewater drainage and installation that will be under the floor, which will take about 4 to 6 weeks. The next stage will be the execution of the bottom plate and the reinforced concrete structure of the hotel and office building "- wrote Roland, project coordinator of the Master Management Group, the developer, manager and investment agent 155.

On the information board on the fence of the square we find a telephone number for the construction manager. - On this issue, please contact the investor - interviews engineer. He repeats it several times that should need more reflective element to keep safe when we try different ways to ask for a breakdown.

More talkative is Igor Galas, architect of PRC Architects. His name also appears on the notice board. "There is actually a small delay in construction, but as far as I know, the construction will soon be resumed, and the gap will be made up," says Galas. Why did the work stop? - It is a very big and difficult investment. The delay is due to some intricate financial structure. But I believe that everything will end well. I keep my fingers crossed because I'm connected to Lodz myself.

The construction of Hilton is probably the most unlucky investment in the city. This branded hotel at the junction with al. Mickiewicz was supposed to stand seven years ago. Bacilli Properties was purchased for PLN 18m. The contract was designed in such a way that for possible delay in the investment was punishable by a penalty of 5 million. Another $ 5 million was to pay if no construction would ever take place.

And indeed it happened without much reflective fabriccloth for workers, but the company paid not intend. The city has brought the case to court. There was a settlement. Bacilli Properties paid a penalty of 3 million zlotys and pledged to realize the investment on time. As you can see, the probability of this happening is decreasing day by day. Now for failure to comply with the contract threatens a penalty of PLN 6 million.


A man died because of not wearing reflective jacket

Le 15 mai 2017, 03:39 dans Humeurs 0

He was broke as he crossed the A84 who do not wear a safety vest. Friday, April 21, 2017, an accident killed a little before 10:30 pm, at Changes.

A man attempted to reach the opposite highway area on foot when he was overthrown by a motor home that was traveling in the direction of Rennes-Caen. The driver and his passenger, of German origin, were not injured in the accident.

When the rescues who wear reflective vests arrived, the 49-year-old victim was stopping breathing. She could not be resuscitated.

On the spot, the gendarmes, members of the motorized brigade, secured the intervention; a channel has been neutralized. Traffic could resume shortly before 1:30 am.

As the long weekend of May approaches and during this last weekend of school holidays, law enforcement authorities recall that you must never cross a fast lane or even walk on the stop- emergency. Pedestrians must travel behind the guardrail and with a reflective jacket. The lifetime of a pedestrian on a motorway does not exceed 12 minutes


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