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Naked and Famous jeans with fluorescent reflective elements

Le 19 mars 2018, 05:00 dans Humeurs 0

The Canadian brand Naked & Famous recently launched jeans not quite that will not make you go unnoticed during your night outings. Karl Lagerfeld boasted in 2009 the mandatory retro-reflective vest in vehicles with this devastating slogan: "It's yellow, it's ugly, it does not go with anything, but it can save your life.”

It seems that the Canadian brand Naked & Famous has finally found the ideal solution to be seen at night while being at the forefront of fashion: fluorescent jeans! Of course, it is not a safety garment to wear in case of a car accident, but it is a fashion accessory could rage after dark.

Baptized Glow in the Dark, these gray Japanese canvas jeans are covered with a thin layer of resin that absorbs natural or artificial light. Result, once the darkness comes; a green halo seizes your legs and makes you shine all night. As washes, your Glow in the dark will become unique with more or less bright lights. It can keep your safety and the road safety. It is on sale at Barney's in the United States from 240 dollars (170 Euros).


The bikers in the viewfinder of the gendarmes

Le 15 mars 2018, 05:06 dans Humeurs 0

At the time of the return of the beautiful days, and therefore the outings on motorbikes, the gendarmes of the departmental squadron led, yesterday in Moseley-South, an important operation of control. The site was not chosen at random. Yesterday afternoon, the gendarmes of the departmental road safety squadron of Metz chose a very particular sector of Moseley-South to carry out a great operation of road safety: the roads of Dao and Demon.

The coming spring and the milder temperatures led the gendarmes to act quickly to meet them, with both hands: one, for all, for prevention; and the other, if necessary, for repression. In addition, the stakes are important. "After the winter season, the first exits are riskier because the bikers are slow to regain all their reflexes driving two-wheeled, says the captain Jean-Jack, second in command of the EDSR Metz. There is a 27 times greater risk of being killed by motorized two-wheelers than by car. Still, many bikers take a lot of risks, feeling in control. "

On a motorcycle, the slightest carelessness can be fatal. The recent news is there to confirm it. "Last year in Moseley, during the first quarter, there were three accidents of two-wheelers and three wounded," says Captain. This year, at the same time, we recorded eight accidents, with one killed and ten wounded. These accidents involved five motorcycles and five cycles. “In addition, faced with these disturbing figures, the gendarmes decided to hit hard. They distributed to them a guide of good behavior. "There are tips to be well equipped, to behave appropriately, to be vigilant, and to respect the rules of conduct and so on. Since January 1, it is for example mandatory that all two-wheels have a reflective vest, to put in case of accident or breakdown.

All those who were in good standing left without being worried. The others, including cars, were caught by the patrol. Especially since, for the exercise, the EDSR also mobilized two of its most effective and formidable weapons for the violators: the unmarked motorcycles and the unmarked car, able in particular to grasp with discretion every speeding in the two directions of circulation.

In the end, 150 bikers were checked and all were in good standing. Twenty offenses have been reported against motorists: 18 speeding (recorded thanks to the dreaded unmarked car with embedded radar), a phone behind the wheel and driving under the influence of alcohol. The presence of the gendarmes with safety clothing in force, however, was not enough to reason everyone. A biker lost control of his craft in the climb of Demon.


Road safety: Main prevention at school

Le 13 mars 2018, 04:55 dans Humeurs 0

Raise awareness, inform, educate, here are the three missions of the association Prevention Main. Its action program is mainly implemented in schools. Thursday, March 17 as part of this action, Gerard Moles, referent Main, was in the class of CM1-CM2 Isabelle to give students the cycle license they all successfully obtained. These schoolchildren will now be better equipped to face the dangers of the road. Each of them also received a reflective vest. Two students of CM2 are in the spotlight: Clara and Sophie have made a faultless. These children responded with discernment to our questions.

What is the purpose of the work you did in class?

It is necessary to respect the code of the road!

We must prefer the bike to the car for short trips to avoid pollution and fight against global warming.

We realized that we did not respect the rules too much! It is not good for the road safety.

The road can be dangerous and you have to be careful!

We have to know the numbers of the emergency services of firefighters.

What did you learn from this training?

Do not forget to put on your helmet and safety vest.

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You have to have regulatory equipment.

The bike must be adapted to our size.


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