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How to prepare for your trip with safety

Le 17 août 2017, 08:04 dans Humeurs 0

Are you leaving for the first time on a long journey? You do not know how to prepare safety equipment? What to pack? How to check the car? We will help you to safely reach your holiday destination.

Before you start thinking about holiday madness, you should properly prepare your car for a long journey. Because of the security of you and your passengers' safety, it is important not to ignore some basic issues.

First and foremost, you should examine the technical condition of the car. It is not as difficult as it may seem. It is advisable to check and, if necessary, make up the consumables, as well as inspect the braking system and suspension. Also, do not forget about the proper lighting settings. When you pack your car to the roof, the lights can hurt other drivers. Finally, check the tire condition and tire pressure.

More and more people are forgetting to check the validity of the insurance and the registration review, which can end up with an unpleasant surprise and a loss of part of the holiday budget. When traveling abroad, you also need to familiarize yourself with the obligatory car accessories (triangle, reflective vest, etc.) required in the country to which we are going and in all we will be traveling. Some countries also require you to take out special insurance - do not forget about it!

Dangerous luggage

Technical condition of the car checked, all the necessary papers have been sorted - time to pack! Many people have no idea how to lay luggage inside a vehicle. This is a big mistake. Incorrectly placed luggage can be deadly in case of sudden braking or collision. Even with a suitably large trunk it is important to seriously consider the arrangement of suitcases. With the right organization, you will not only save more space, but you will also be safe.

How do you pack your bags? First of all, limit the number of things in the car cabin. Any unsecured item in the event of a sudden event can become dangerous, so it is important to follow the principle that the luggage space is in the trunk. This also applies to the shelves separating the cab from the boot - absolutely no lightweight items can be placed here. Start packing the heaviest bags and suitcases by placing them on the bottom, as close as possible to the front of the boot. When packing, you can also use the storage compartments beneath the floor of the boot to save space and further reduce the center of gravity of the car.

The next luggage is laid on the principle of "pyramid:" the base forms the largest and heaviest suitcases, and on the next floors is getting lighter packages. You need to take this into account when packing, so that in the largest bags put things you need only in place and in small items that may come in handy during the trip. Then the luggage containing the things you need can be placed on the top of the pyramid so you have easy access to it. The most necessary things that need to be in the cabin must be secured with safety belts, handles, head restraints, or under the seat.

Proper packaging of luggage is not enough. It is important that the driver is rested and rested so that he can easily concentrate on the road. Even if the place you go to is not foreign to you and the route is well known, you should trust navigation. Especially during the holiday season it may be necessary (due to traffic and numerous repairs and related detours).

When the car is properly prepared and well planned for breaks, the trip will be safe and not too tiring. Just remember to hurry and be careful on the road. Then nothing will break the holiday rest.


Nightwear socks - Running Reflective Crew Sock

Le 15 août 2017, 05:00 dans Humeurs 0

If something runners really consider an important part of the safety equipment, then they are also socks. At least for those who do not create barefoot on marathon tracks? Proper sock selection is simply a guarantee of long-term comfort during the race. If it still looks good, it's better. But why would such fuses at the same time help to increase security?


Yes it's right. These Reebok socks carry rich reflex equipment all over their back. At RUN, the RUN sign will delight everyone, even the unfamiliar runner. The reflective surface is so large that neither you’re motorized nor non-motorized driver will miss out on your moving lower limbs in the darkness. Of course, their equipment is most outstanding in the spring and summer months when the reflectors are not covered with long leggings or tracksuits.


Crew socks by reflective fabric are distinguished to the right and left. They have reinforced heels and toes against excessive wear, while achieving greater comfort. The opening and underside of the longitudinal vault have a reinforced transverse spring, so the socks are beautifully wrapped around the foot and held in place. Surface areas are designed for faster sweat ventilation. The stitches have socks of a relatively long length, so they also protect the Achilles, for example, in the early morning frosts or in the aforementioned night runs for which they are intended.


The reflex points themselves are certainly not fun to attach to the elastic fabric. Manufacturers, of course, have succeeded in doing so. Several launches passed socks without losing the garland and survived with all the reflective elements on board. I would certainly recommend washing these socks out of the way so as to avoid unnecessary damage to the reflex.


The socks were still tens of kilometers without showing signs of wear. Most of my socks go to my fingernail, but no pathological changes can be observed here. I also completely like their colorful design. The predominant black still looks good, even if you mess with some mud on your way. I like the raised knits that hold the warmth of the lower part of the calf. Perhaps the only thing I would do on my socks is the elasticity of the upper hem. It pulls me too tightly, but I believe it is still a little bit subject to use. But this will certainly be very individual. Added value in the form of rear reflectors, of course, makes me very happy. Whoever has moved at night on our roads knows that reflective material and other elements of passive safety are never enough.


Vary wins the ISPO fair in Munich

Le 11 août 2017, 08:28 dans Humeurs 0

Vary wins the award at the Scandinavian Outdoor Award at the ISPO Fair 2017 in Munich. A total of 22 strong and innovative products from the brands included in Scandinavian Outdoor Group were nominated to compete for this year's award. Vary participated in its new unique dun hood Shrek with reflective tape, a long after two and a half days of outdoor testing and lively discussions, the international jury consisting of outdoor journalists, bloggers and retailers came to Shrek to be the winner in the category of best apparel.

Jury motivation "Every jury loves Shrek Dun hood from the young Scandinavian company. This knee-long, lovely and lightweight down jacket works perfectly as thermal insulation during breaks in skiing or other activities and for low intensive outdoor activities.

The Scandinavian Outdoor Award competition has been in place since 2006 and aims to support products and innovative design. Today, the award has a high degree of recognition in the industry and the media thanks to a very thorough evaluation of the nominated products. The jury consists of reputable outdoor and industry journalists and retailers and they base their final decision on the following criteria: design, innovation, functionality, quality and sustainability. The competition selects several prizes in different categories.

Primary features and innovations: This long down reflective jacket with zippers on the sides keeps your body warm. It feels easy to carry and is useful in several different contexts. Small fine details enhance the overall impression of this product. Applications: Shrek dun hood can be used in all possible cold environments. Works excellent at low intensity activities or pull it on high intensity activity to prevent cooling.

Material and special features: The materials are of high quality. The outer fabric is recycled lightweight polyester with so-called ribs top. Filling is 90/10 Certified Aksum (RDS). Wrap collar, hood and thumb whole and 2-way YKK zippers on each side - Reflective pressure on arms, beautiful pockets and nice little exclusive details.


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