After an hour of the accident the driver in safety vest went to the police station.

A driver fatally injured a bicyclist. Thursday at around 20.40, while driving the car on the street Stefan l Mare, in the town due to carelessness, a 39-year-old has crashed and fatally injured a woman 76 years, the city BIVOLARI who travel by bike in the same direction, without wearing reflective vest and without bike be equipped with lighting and fluorescent reflectors.

After the accident, the driver left the scene, but after about an hour, came to the city police headquarters Vicious; recognizing site has gone a SMURD which found the death of 76 women. The driver was tested when etiolates result is negative, then the hospital and were collected biological samples to determine alcohol. The car driven by a man with total circulation provisional authorization had expired circulation of 18 January. The police in reflective jacket drew up criminal case in question, to be settled procedural.