He was broke as he crossed the A84 who do not wear a safety vest. Friday, April 21, 2017, an accident killed a little before 10:30 pm, at Changes.

A man attempted to reach the opposite highway area on foot when he was overthrown by a motor home that was traveling in the direction of Rennes-Caen. The driver and his passenger, of German origin, were not injured in the accident.

When the rescues who wear reflective vests arrived, the 49-year-old victim was stopping breathing. She could not be resuscitated.

On the spot, the gendarmes, members of the motorized brigade, secured the intervention; a channel has been neutralized. Traffic could resume shortly before 1:30 am.

As the long weekend of May approaches and during this last weekend of school holidays, law enforcement authorities recall that you must never cross a fast lane or even walk on the stop- emergency. Pedestrians must travel behind the guardrail and with a reflective jacket. The lifetime of a pedestrian on a motorway does not exceed 12 minutes