According to the first data, the deadly crash happened on Thursday night on the N-121-A road linking Pamplona and France to Begonia could have occurred when the deceased man crossed the road at night, without reflective clothing.

O.G.F, a 43-year-old man from Cantabria, who was driving a truck on the N-121-A, in municipality, between this town and Sunbelt, was killed by a vehicle. The event took place near midnight, about 23.55 on Thursday. The driver of the car that was driving this man is a 19-year-old neighbor of municipality.

Crossing the road

Early indications indicate that the man, who was driving a truck, parked the vehicle on the right side of the road. Apparently, he wanted to cross the national road where the events took place on the other side of the road, where there is a gas station.

The driver of the car may not have seen the truck driver crossing the road, which caused the vehicle to hit him.

Everything seems to indicate that the deceased was not wearing reflective vest. The young man who was driving, a neighbor, was negative in all the tests that have been practiced, both alcohol and drug. Despite the impact, he was unscathed after the fatal accident.

Up to the scene of the events were patrols of the Provincial Police and Pamplona Road Safety as well as the team of attestations investigating the causes of the attack? That point of the N-121-A road between Donate and Sunbelt is complicated because truckers frequently park their vehicle on one side of the road and are often seen to cross on foot. The three lanes of the causeway and walk a stretch along the shoulder, until passing to the gas station and restaurant located on the other side. This is not the first time that a fatal attack has occurred near that point.