Designed for fans of retro aesthetics, refractory to flashy colors and ostentatious, the Stripe leather jacket Mac Adam does not forget however to remain functional. Is Beautiful and practical, the reflective jacket Stripe?


Aware that all motorbike users do not have the same tastes and the same needs, the French equipment Mac Adam has a look vintage leather jacket, typical cafe racer and motorcycle collection and all those whose specifications put on the peaceful conduct away from the concepts of modernism or sportiness.


The Stripe particular should delight fans of the Classic range Ducati, fervent defenders Bonneville (with carburetor of course!), Motorcycle and other Harley-Davidson owners. Its sober and discreet colors cultivate indeed one side boilerplate welcome, able to grant the desires of homecoming of its user.


Its cut is none the less in the current canons and the entire tomb harmoniously: the lower back is properly protected; the sleeves slip on easily and snap back neck high enough to consider riding bare neck at quiet summer wanderings. Two clamping lugs on the bottom allow improving the ergonomics and the jacket of reflective material has three outer pockets and two inside.


The opportunity to commend the good manufacturer reflex that provided its removable liner slots providing access to pockets, rather than providing in the liner itself: the risk of forgetting his papers when removing the beautiful season is thereby dismissed!


The downside, however, the thickness of the lining: the temperature variations of this month of July, we found that the Stripe is not a very warm jacket, even with the lining. At the discretion of each, this feature may require wearing a sweater when the temperatures freshen, but Stripe still seems confined to a utilization of April to October.


In use, the driver will also appreciate the leather tabs on the central zipper and two external pockets that facilitate gripping with gloves. The stitching and leather are good and all seem to face the ravages of time without much harm.


The double stripes on the sleeves, however, require particular attention: certainly, their colors wisely to the elegant feel of the product, but light colors used and their exposure to projections makes them susceptible to contamination.


In terms of protection, Stripe is adorned with a (small) reflective tape in the upper back and “integrates Mac Adam standards that are approved shoulders and elbows CE and location for approved back protector Knox," says the brand. Finally, note that it is possible to remove the soft shell jacket before sending the cleaning (in a leather specialist), or simply to wear it casual jacket every day.


The Stripe jacket will attract those who want to thumb their noses at the flashy fashion and appear happy on traditional looking machines, a bit retro. Comfortable and well finished, this jacket is daily practice and his line is subtly timeless.