ELTEN "We find the class," the brothers Niles and Peter say, 15 and 13 years old. And the 12-year-old Yves nods his head. They are three of 100 boys’ football youth from Fortuna Ellen and just about to let check the lights on their bikes with in safety vest. For this purpose they are in front of the cabins of the sports field, where Georg Lang, leader of the 20th turn checked the wheels at the Martinis-shooters, with nine comrades and repaired if necessary.


"Especially the truck traffic in increasing gradually," explains Ascham. Therefore, they came with the idea to do something for the safety of young people. "We have addressed the leaders of youth soccer and instantly receive enthusiastic approval to our plan," said Brother Master Heinz Vienna in reflective vest, which also belongs to the 20th Riflemen. "We are excited," confirms Managing Director Norbert youth Rosin, who is also the place where the makeshift" was workshop ".


Defective every fifth wheel

Monday began the action. And it ends today. Always 18 to 20 o'clock compartmentalized by youth leader Herbert Steering group to review the bike lights. It turned out that the lighting was poor on every fifth wheel. The men of the 20th Protect train are indeed not experts, "but such trifles can probably fix any man," smiles Georg Lang. And if it turns out other technical shortcomings, the boys are sent to the bicycle dealers locally. The event is to be repeated in the autumn, so that the minors come safely through the then dark season.


And best of all get paid a high visibility vest with reflective strips so that they are easily seen in the dark. But during the day it should be taken to find the shooters, because in bright light they also have a ripple effect.


But this action within the framework of "My train" is not the only activity of the group. This naturally also includes Carnival celebrations, bicycle tours, boat and canoe trips, golf, archery, mustard production and of course the shooting. Ten times a year, the members of the 20th train meet in addition to the meeting. As a highlight of the year a project carried out jointly with the 43. Train football match with rubber boots is considered. Thus the joy and friendship in no way leads to short.