Fog and poor visibility is the biggest pitfall of autumn. The change of the season should be addressed not only by car drivers but also by pedestrians who without reflective vest often move on the roads as "invisible".

To ensure that all road users know how to survive, the Road Safety Team together with the Czech Police has prepared a security action.

Interactive was especially for children. They first became acquainted with the reflective elements, their appearance and where they should wear them to be seen. "I have a yellow stripe on the school bag and when I see the car, I see it," said Matthias eight years old, and because he did not want to compromise on his safety, he made his own reflective stripe, which he carried to the iron-on cloth.

Of course, there was no computer here. Scholars in the program became an imaginary car that was passing by in the shade of unlit people walking down the road. The mice then assigned them reflective elements.

Drunken glasses

Adults could try their drunken glasses again. They simulated the state of human blood circulating between 2.5 and 3 per mile of alcohol and, in addition, they should pass through the cones. However, the movement had problems with the participants. Not only the cones have sometimes dropped but also missed them.

"I can see now that every profiles with a man waves well and I do not wonder why drivers sometimes get drunk when the drunk is making an unexpected step," said Douay. In action, except the reflective tapes, parents also advised on how to properly secure child seats and how they should fit themselves in the car.