There are more and more cyclists with or without safety vest on the roads of our region. But according to Catherine Colin, bike specialist for the association Eden, there is still work in terms of fittings.


They are always more numerous in the streets of Grand Nancy. Cyclists take ownership of the public space: "It can be seen on bicycle paths, greenways and parking lots because the arches are often saturated," explains Catherine Colin.


This bike specialist for the association Eden (Entente for the defense of the environment Nancy) welcomes the developments carried out in recent years. "What we like," she says, "is the layout of the neighborhoods of the 30 zones with bi-directional bicycles and right turns panels to the fire that really make life easier for cyclists." But Catherine Colin in reflective clothing has some reservations: "We regret the lack of structuring facilities in town with separate tracks continuous and secure on the main roads."


Three Euros per year per capita

In Nancy, the annual budget for cycling infrastructure is € 740,000. That is € 3 per year per inhabitant. Not enough deplores the cyclist Nancy: "The cities where the bike's share really progressed are cities like Nantes who have invested from 10 to 15 Euros a year for 5 years," she explains.


Develop cycling tourism

Cycling is also the way to bring tourists to Lorraine. Information panels on the heritage have just been installed along the Canal des Vosges on the Charles le Temerarious bike route.


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An initiative welcomed by the activist of the association Eden which highlights the possible consequences on the local economy: "On this kind of roads, there is an immediate impact in the neighborhood shops, restaurants, cafes, Accommodation ".


"A bike, you have to see and be seen"

Today, cycling in cities can be dangerous. Catherine Colin particularly advocates the wearing of the reflective vest by all cyclists. It also wants to create a "street code" with "mutual respect for all users".

An evolution is organized in Nancy on May 30th: a festive gathering of cyclists to request new developments.