Last year, in view of the bicycle race, they had circled the holes with fluorescent paint. Now they have decided to buy a dozen bags of tar to fill those potholes that dot the Vientiane and a stretch of road that connects the hamlet of Two Doors. They are members ASD Brochette Pavia, historical society cycling born in Mirabella in 1934, with its 35 members. Six of them in a couple of days they decided to improvise menders and equipped with reflective vest, paddle and tar bags, have paved the most affected by natural disasters points for the race on June 2, the seventh edition of the "Grand Prix of San Genesis" it probably will repeat the 220 recorded last year.


"It's a safety issue," says President Giorgio Brochette, grandson of that Mario Brochette that in '27 and in '29 he participated in two editions of the Milan-Sarema in '32 and the Tour of Italy. And Tuesday there will be the famous Grand Prix, 64 kilometers, eight laps starting in San Genesis, a route dotted with potholes that could endanger the safety of cyclists. A precedent occurred in 2009, when a participant with reflective jacket had fallen. "The consequences were serious - says Brochette - and we must not forget the damage that can be carried over from bicycles that cost from 1,500 to 8,000 Euros. Damaging a wheel may result in an expense even a thousand euro, not to mention the fall. "


"People - says the president - had mistaken us for public menders and screaming us that the roads ahead of elections." And they explain that they were just volunteers to a club who proceeded to redevelop a dozen kilometers, using tar bags of 25 kilos each. "We are like a third world country, the citizens pay taxes without being able to count on basic services - said Angelo in safety vest, regional and local councilor. It is absurd that the province is unable to ensure minimum levels of security." "The municipal roads are in good condition, but we have fixed some deteriorated - the precise points Cristiana mayor -. It is fair to meet these sports associations producing economy. "