In 2016, Czechs made 5,552,000 private trips abroad. For longer trips abroad went half the time in a car or on a motorcycle, in short, it was even 78 percent. How to attend a foreign holiday on your own, if possible without any problems of road safety?


Longer routes (that is associated with at least four nights) was 4,276,000, short (one to three nights), then 1 276 000. For longer trips abroad went out at 48 percent of the passenger car or motorcycle, 14 percent on board the bus. On shorter trips set off on your own even in 78 percent of cases, another 12 percent chose the bus.


Also this year, the summer starts out millions of Czechs on your own to spend at least part of their holiday to some foreign destination. What do you do to make the journey and stay as smooth as possible without major complications? We recommend that you pay attention to the following areas:


In addition to checking the technical condition of the vehicle it is also important to remember to recheck its mandatory equipment and its eventual completion, depending on which country we are heading. I remember a sufficient number of reflective vests. At least one jacket (for the driver) is placed into the vehicle cabin.


What to bring

Indeed, it is not wrong to at least two or three days before leaving to write what all of them have to take on holiday - will need to be on medication, also check the validity of credentials or license.

Luggage and storing


Space vehicles are limited options, as well as its capacity. Vacation is therefore good to take with them only really necessary. "At the bottom of the luggage compartment store luggage is the greatest and most difficult. Conversely hand, we have everything we need for the necessary paths. Also - for sure - warning triangles, medical and reflective vests for occupants "specifies Roman Boesky Team road safety.


Do not forget the important documents

What not to forget? When traveling within the EU sufficient valid identity card, a driver must carry a valid driving license. Do not forget the health insurance card and any cost of medical care. And take along a green card and record of the accident. It is certainly worthwhile to check whether we have current telephone numbers of our health insurance and the insurance company with which we have insured their vehicle. It is also good to clarify what we are due to motor vehicle insurance claim - such a free assistance with towing or failure in the event of an accident. In case of serious complications it is best to have the phone number of the Czech Embassy in the country.


The driver must be fit

The driver must be fit. Now it depends on how far the journey safe and pleasant. And during the ride to remember to take regular breaks. Say every 2 and half hours, twenty minutes of rest will not hurt. Beware of fatigue. Its effect is similar to that of alcohol. Heavily tired driver is just as dangerous as the one who just drank two shots of hard liquor. The probability of causing fatal accidents increased 7 xs. "Fatigue is responsible for up to 10 percent of all accidents on motorways are up to 20%. The most dangerous is the period from midnight till four o'clock in the morning. Fewer however, to know that we can surprise and fatigue during the day - usually between the second and four o'clock in the afternoon, "says Roman. If at all possible, it is good for long journeys behind the wheel turns.


Travel must be safe and restful

I journey to the longed-for destination and it is part of our vacation. So why not enjoy it properly? For all should take place comfortably and safely. Passengers should remember that it is the driver, in whose hands their lives and health. "In any case, it is good to reckon with the possibility that stuck in a traffic jam. Therefore, it is good to always have enough fuel in the tank in the cab for something to eat and drink enough. Any aggression can only exacerbate the situation, "says Roman with wear a safety vest.