The reflective vest is no longer mandatory for motorcyclists who travel across the border. And even the breathalyzer on board, equipment desired by the Starkey government, having sold millions of copies could meet the same fate. These are the two main news is coming from France with the beginning of the New Year, valid for vehicles in circulation on transalpine roads.

The idea of reflective vests, in particular, was announced early last year. With the arrival of 2013, drivers and passengers of the two wheels of a cylinder capacity exceeding 125 would have to wear a fluorescent dress of a meter and a half of the surface, both in summer and winter. A rule introduced in order to safeguard the safety of motorcyclists, but that was just poorly digested by the Motorcycle Federation of the Alps.

Now, with provision on the "Journal Official" of last January 1, this provision was repealed. They can breathe a sigh of relief even centaurs and Italians scooters; they will not obtain the cumbersome coat every outing or the French Riviera, especially with the summer heat. And a similar fate might befall the law on board, widely discussed (and disputed) even in Italy. If it is true that it is already mandatory to have supplied the device with French homologation, about a month ago the Minister announced a further extension of sanctions until next March 1.

In this time frame may emerge new assessments by the CNRS (French National Council for Road Safety), then you will know if the alcohol test, even sold in the Italian border town, definitely will end up in the drawer. The Minister and CNRS, however, have indicated that, together with the standards to be set aside, are being explored other ways of ensuring road safety.


On camera, for example, much it has changed in recent years on transalpine roads. Already from 2011 is no longer a must announce with a sign fixed stations: the panels have been replaced by so-called "pedagogical display" that, in addition to signaling the speed, always precede a speed camera. France, too, then, began to adopt the tutor system.

It has not yet signed instead of a reciprocal agreement between Italy and France for the fines imposed by laser and flash. This, in fact, is one of the reasons that contribute to hyperactivity of the cameras of Nice, among the most stressed of France because Italians motorists in reflective clothing who do not enjoy some good reputation as far as discipline, still tend to ignore them.

A security risk, but also for the wallet: who ends up in the meshes of the police or gendarmerie national should immediately adjust the fine or dispose of the vehicle keys. In that case, in addition to the fine, you pay your hospital bill in the garage.