155 complexes, consisting of, among others, The three-star Hampton by Hilton, an office building and shopping complex, is expected to be ready in early 2018. This place, associated for years with plastic shacks and tents with used books and records, is to become one of the city's business cards. After investing the landscape of the vicinity of Center is to change very much. There will be a 19-storey office building with a height of 76 meters to become the highest building of this type. Next to it will be a seven-storey hotel, connected with 4 thousand square meters. Commercial and service space. In the past year, the investor - Properties co-owner of the Master Management Group - together with the city, praised the beautiful visuals. Deadline of construction is at beginning of next year.

If the investor wanted to get to the deadline, the construction site should boil, as in the hive. Meanwhile, nothing has happened for two months. Cranes stand unused, heavy equipment has disappeared, there are no workers. "For a long time, peace and quiet," says a security guard who wears the safety jacket working in a neighboring building. It seems that, however, construction site someone is watching. From al. Kosciuszko in the security guard in the chair sits a puppet, more specifically a jacket dressed in a reflective vest and construction helmet. We have not been able to talk to the puppies.

Why did the construction stand? With Master Management Group we received a message that ... "construction work is under way". The company rates the construction as "dynamic". The general contractor finalized the relocation of electricity, gas, water and telecommunication networks and completed the construction of slotted walls in accordance with the agreed schedule of works. We have started work on dewater drainage and installation that will be under the floor, which will take about 4 to 6 weeks. The next stage will be the execution of the bottom plate and the reinforced concrete structure of the hotel and office building "- wrote Roland, project coordinator of the Master Management Group, the developer, manager and investment agent 155.

On the information board on the fence of the square we find a telephone number for the construction manager. - On this issue, please contact the investor - interviews engineer. He repeats it several times that should need more reflective element to keep safe when we try different ways to ask for a breakdown.

More talkative is Igor Galas, architect of PRC Architects. His name also appears on the notice board. "There is actually a small delay in construction, but as far as I know, the construction will soon be resumed, and the gap will be made up," says Galas. Why did the work stop? - It is a very big and difficult investment. The delay is due to some intricate financial structure. But I believe that everything will end well. I keep my fingers crossed because I'm connected to Lodz myself.

The construction of Hilton is probably the most unlucky investment in the city. This branded hotel at the junction with al. Mickiewicz was supposed to stand seven years ago. Bacilli Properties was purchased for PLN 18m. The contract was designed in such a way that for possible delay in the investment was punishable by a penalty of 5 million. Another $ 5 million was to pay if no construction would ever take place.

And indeed it happened without much reflective fabriccloth for workers, but the company paid not intend. The city has brought the case to court. There was a settlement. Bacilli Properties paid a penalty of 3 million zlotys and pledged to realize the investment on time. As you can see, the probability of this happening is decreasing day by day. Now for failure to comply with the contract threatens a penalty of PLN 6 million.