Johannes was consistently in 1st class: If he ran in the morning to school, he sat on his red cap and put on his yellow safety vest. "Excluded because respects John of it alone," his mother Mira added. Motorists should recognize him better, says the seven year old who lives in here. "The Lisa from my class has also worn the vest, but not as often as I," said the Runt. As soon morning worsen the lighting conditions in the fall, John tappet returns to this outfit to school. That this is necessary, his father Bastian explained with the fact that just in the morning reign heavy traffic in front of the schools. Recently he had seen for the first time that a car had stopped by itself when John was a good five minutes on the sidewalk and was about to cross the street. "Many children in its class do not walk to school, they are brought by car and have therefore the safety reflective vest not," his mother added.


occur daily between 7 and 8 o'clock in the dark winter months significantly more traffic accidents with children than in the rest of the time, explains Christine Retting, the ADAC spokeswoman for Lower Saxony / Saxony-Anhalt. Compared with the spring and summer months from March to August increases the number of six- to 14-year-olds whose lives are lost at this time of day as a pedestrian or cyclist, erratic, sometimes doubling on. At dark children can speed and distance of oncoming vehicles assess worse than usual and also overlooked faster because of their size.


Although would always advised to wear bright clothes, but the games in everyday school life hardly matters. "It would be nice if all the children and parents would then approach the road safety as the family” says Gemini Kerrie.

Fact: In this and last year a total of 19 children were injured in traffic accidents. Among other things, as around 7 am a child was seriously injured in the road in Number Seitz on February 21 last year. As reported by the police, the girl wanted to cross the road and ran it directly in front of a car. The student was taken to the hospital by emergency medical Seitz supply. Apparently, the eleven year old had seen her waiting on the opposite side of the street at the bus stop school bus and was then immediately run into the street. A parked vehicle was the girl probably also block the view. The car driver (47) recognized by the child no longer timely.


"Sometimes children are inattentive or may the road not overlook because of their own body size," said the police commissioner. They are often overlooked by drivers. "Traffic accidents with children who are on foot, occurring mostly on the school of the child," explains Christine Retting.


To protect their child, parents should select in the clothes of young bright and colorful colors, eye-catching colors make the child previously visible. The spokeswoman draws attention: studies show according to the ADAC that a motorist brightly dressed road users from a distance of about 80 meters recognizes dark clothes until about 25 meters. Depending on the speed of the vehicle, this is too late. Besides clothes and schoolbags, sports bags or backpacks should include reflective material surfaces as possible.