In winter, the risk of being overlooked in the dark increases sharply. The Albedo100 Reflective material Spray makes you or your bike to the reflector and makes even the pet shine.


You may be prescribed by traffic regulations, but only a few bikers ride the whole range of required reflectors walk on the bike. This is strictly true taken "only" a misdemeanor, but particularly critical, especially in autumn and winter time. Because in the dark visibility means safety - and not just for mountain bikers.


The Albedo100 reflector sprays the Swedish manufacturer track Invent aim to remedy this. With the three different reflectors of the reflective jacket, pants, shoes, backpacks, bicycles, prams, dog leashes, or even the coat of the pet with a light reflecting layer can be provided.


The handling is easy: Spray the desired location, ready. Impregnations against the Overlook are quasi. According to the manufacturer, the textile and Bearskin sprays are harmless, daytime almost invisible, keep about a week and are easy to wash out with soap or shampoo. The permanent adhesive spray for surfaces and objects of various kinds is a gray paint that is gentle enough that one cans thus also spraying his helmet without its protective effect is impaired.


The Albedo100 Reflective spays are an interesting way to their own visibility or to rise of things to be seen doing better in the dark easily. So in Sweden even reindeer herds are sprayed with to avoid accidents - no kidding! This does not only reduce the number animals. When a 300 kg heavy Ran shoots through the windshield, which is very bad for the vehicle occupants.


The matter is so serious. Why also the traditional safety-conscious car manufacturer Volvo involved in the distribution of the spray under the label of "Life Spray". How many sprayings needs it, however, to bring the people like in the video here to shine, just a practice test can show.