Jean-Claude, departmental delegate of Road Safety, draws attention to the new security arrangements for the two and three wheelers whether motorcycles, mopeds, tricycles and quad-tricycles (except models with belt and door).


"As of November 20, wearing strengthened and approved gloves become mandatory All drivers and passengers of motorcycles and scooters in particular are concerned '' says the latter he says:…" You have to make them aware that wearing these gloves is a necessity to avoid serious and irreversible injury since the first reflex when falling is to put hands forward; fingers, wrists, arms and forearms are exposed to fractures, skin lesions and burns with gravel due to friction with the road.'' These vulnerable users account for nearly 43% of serious road injuries.


Fine and withdrawal point for violations

The delegate of the Road Safety also points to the lack of port approved reflective gloves will be punished for the driver of a fine of 68 € and the loss of 1 point on the driving license. '' The passenger will be verbalized by the same amount. This provision will be effective on November 20, a few weeks grace period will however be granted to drivers to allow specialty stores to stock up. '' The fine is reduced by 45 € if the payment is made at the place of verbalization or within 15 days of the offense.


The behavior of cyclists in focus

And Jean-Claude to express dissatisfaction also in view of the addictive behavior of some cyclists who roam the accident-prone roads in the town and in the image of many motorists who are exposed to them as road hazards by adopting the same bad attitudes. "Few cyclists know that using a mobile hand-held phone is prohibited by Article R412-6-1 the Highway Code.


He wishes to stress another point. "Cyclists often forget that wearing a retro reflective vest is mandatory for day and night, and especially at this time of year when visibility is reduced (low light, fog and degraded weather...)."