Many people on vacation publishes own car. But if you want to reach in order, you should check before traveling a few things, like reflective vest and first aid equipments. What do you keep an eye on?

"Before traveling you should always check the vehicle itself. If you have the right liquid, if he okay technically, if you have the proper mandatory equipment. Even though we have the Geneva Convention, which states that the vehicle should be fitted by place of registration in the country may not be written in mandatory equipment necessary equipment, "says Pert of the Central Automobile Club.

Discussion lately raises the question, what color should have a reflective vest. According to but it does not matter. "It's only paint. Much is said about Austria, you must have an orange vest, but it's not. Life jackets have a European certification, so you can easily have orange, red or green," said spokesman ÚAMK. In some countries, in turn, you must have the vehicle alcohol tester. But mostly it or not they control, such as France.

When traveling to Croatia, you should be wary especially in front of cameras. "Radars are waiting for the driver almost every other village in Austria, in Vienna's radar, perhaps 15, is also measured at each traffic restrictions. Fines are usually 50 to 100 Euros. From Austria goes photos even for telephony, unattached to or by the bikers for absence helmets, "described Vonda.

If you have small children, you should definitely check what rules apply for child safety seats and safety vest. In Croatia, the Slovak Republic or Germany cannot have car seats for children 3 to 12 years on the front seats.