In the Italian city your mind upon the need to better protects the health of prostitutes. However, there is talk about using contraception or medical tests. Lightweight women hovering along the road will have to wear reflective vests.


Until now, the typical attire for prostitutes considered tight outfits, short skirts and high heels shoes. Now to gain equipment gaudy yellow safety vests that sex workers to attract attention to it.


Those who refuse will face a fine of 500 Euros (13,500 dollars), writes British Daily Telegraph. Given that most of the prostitutes probably would not want to be clearly recognizable from afar, it has been suggested that by step the authorities is rather an effort to oust the women away.


The city is located near Milan and in the current summer months along the road that connects it with the metropolis, accumulating an increased number of women originating mainly from Eastern Europe and West Africa. The reason is probably EXPO 2015, which is this year in the capital of Lombardy held.


This is not the first time the city has ordered some prostitutes reflective clothing. Even five years ago.