For most of the children wear reflective vest, the majority of children will go to dinner. Pupils 4.B from the Elementary School and the Kindergarten got it exceptionally on Monday. Marisa, who has over the patronage class, was handed over in person.

The children sang at the beginning, followed by a ceremonial handing over of the certificate in the presence of the School Principal and Deputy Director Eva.

The deputy of the Czech Parliament from our district congratulated the pupils and gave them a small gift, sweets and reflective tape in addition to the certificate. "There is a need to motivate children to feel safe and to see them. I had the feeling that although they are very fond of school, they are already looking forward to the holidays, "said Marisa and reminded that the pupils have a promised trip to Prague with a visit to the Chamber of Deputies.

Marisa in safety vest then spent an hour discussing the eighth and ninth year students, talking about the refugee crisis, the situation in the UK, or their future high school education. It also talked about the work of deputies, state institutions and politicians.