With classic camisole fitted with reflective tape hunters they will have to compulsorily sprout on common hunting boar or deer. This obligation is proposing an amendment to the Hunting Act, which would take effect from next year.

"It would mean an obligation to wear a belt or any piece of clothing that reflects light and allows far greater visibility than hunting clothes," said the director of the State Administration of forests, hunting and fishing in the Ministry of Agriculture Martin.

Although the view of hunter with luminous strips or in reflective jackets lockout may seem strange hunters themselves acknowledge that this obligation is justified.

"I've heard that it is contrary to our traditions. After all, one of us green and brown color. But hunting is evolving, "said managing director of the District hunting association. Reflective elements according to him may well help protect the hunters themselves. "There is growing less experienced shooters," says Bursa.

Sometimes it's a normal thing

Reflective elements already commonly used for hunting hunters.

"We carry a minimum of tape on a hat, but the exception is not special vests. It is in everyone's interest to be seen, "said Chairman of Vesting district hunting association Michal that the measure does not see a problem.

"The deer does not distinguish colors, so even a reflective vest to reveal us," he added.

The amendment to the Hunting Act also covers other important points, such as overpopulation wildlife, which has an annual farmer billions of dollars in damages.

Newly hunters should establish hunting plan, which subsequently approved by the compliance officers and will have to prove. For example, sending tails wild boar veterinarians.

"I do not see a problem. But we still have it as difficult to hunt in large lanky canola or corn. They are now almost everywhere. A game where more and more, and because of the forest there expel unruly people, "said Bursa.

Hunters in safety vest must also damage caused by deer farmers pay. Even this amendment could be partially solved - Ministry of Agriculture suggests that farmers could claim the damages caused in more than fields planted with a single crop.