Volta is a special use of bicycles, quite different from walking, hiking or running. It is a daily journey, with a fixed itinerary but conditions that can vary. Also, this is a trip that you cannot afford to cancel in case of a minor problem! The operator must equip himself with reflective vest according to these constraints. Here is a short overview of the essential bike equipment...

 If it is necessary to have a bicycle, self or rented in self-service, which is sometimes less obvious, it must be in good condition. So is the safety of the cyclist! For this, the essential points to check are:

The brakes, which must be correctly adjusted, and whose pads must be changed when they arrive at the end of wear;

The transmission, in particular the chain, which must be regularly lubricated;

The tires must be properly inflated and changed when they arrive at the end of wear.

In addition to these main points, the bike must also be completely revised at least once a year.

By bike, the body is you! Proper equipment should therefore be installed to reduce the risk of accidents and to reduce the risk of injury in the event of an accident, including:

Reflectors or reflective elements: white at the front, red at the rear (often integrated in the lights), orange on each wheel (these are subject to a fairly rapid fouling and must therefore be cleaned regularly);

Appropriate bike lighting: the traffic lights, white in the front and red in the rear, are compulsory and essential to drive at night, since an unlit driver is virtually invisible to motorists;

A yellow waistcoat, which is compulsory for night travel outside built-up areas, and recommended in all cases;

A helmet, not mandatory but generally recommended;

A bell in working order, placed so as to be usable quickly and instinctively!

This equipment can be supplemented with other elements, such as danger spreaders or wheel lights or reflectors.

To get around by bike all year round, you sometimes have to face ... the rain and the cold. No problem, with proper clothes, it will not be so painful.

A waterproof reflective jacket and pants for optimal protection, possibly breathable;

Or for a cape designed for cycling (with attachments for the hands to prevent it from coming up with the wind), which will be combined with high gaiters to protect its calves from splashes.