The road safety actions on the visibility of the vehicle crew in emergencies at the start of the weekend involved police officers from across Central Region.

A police Michael Richter in safety vest said: "We also check the technical condition of vehicles."


As given in the Act, if a driver for the technical defect or traffic accident rises outside the village of vehicles on the road, must always wearing a reflective vest with reflective tape, which is bound to have a vehicle. "we informed also the driver of the need for their proper disposal," stressed Michael Richter that if a motorist in solving technical malfunction or traffic accident the car will perform, and must wear it, so should he have at hand, not in the trunk.


"We spent also increased attention to winter tires, mandatory equipment and the technical condition of the car," said a police spokesman. That is, for example, vehicle lighting, cracked or damaged windshield, darkening the windscreen and front side windows.


The aim of this event was by Michelle Richter, not only to remind drivers of their responsibilities, but also to draw attention to the safety of the entire crew of the vehicle or retrofit other reflective vests designed just fellow passengers, that they were in an emergency standstill and when moving around the vehicle is parked in a safe and well visible.