Temperatures started dropping below freezing point and weathermen promise that he will be better. With time, we have a full fat autumn and with him ever shorter day and dark and dark evenings. We runners do nothing else than to accept the situation and change to the dark side of the Force - to start running in the dark. Whether we give our portion of kilometers in the morning before going to work or coming home from her evening, the dark queen of our favorite lines, because the darkness is probably unavoidable. Let's test it one of the reflective vests to increase its passive safety!


It may not be exactly shrouded as Eskimos, but the T-shirt he also will not be right. A good portion of the thermal protection as well as excellent passive safety ensures a reflective vest in the decathlon.


Reflection eyes to merge

For cross-country vest that I was still wearing, this is no exaggeration best equipped in reflective material. Reflective surfaces found on the back, shoulders, armholes, at several points on the hips, abdomen and lesions on the cover fasteners. Runner becomes one huge, visible in the distance reflector.


The manufacturer guarantees a minimum visibility from a distance of 120 meters, in the range of 360 °. While according to some sources, the 120 meters was a personal vehicle enough to stop even a speed of 130 km / h on a wet road. Reflective material manufacturers certainly spared no expense; moreover, it used high-quality production from 3M.


Delight but also a selection of other materials and their processing. The entire back, with the exception of the uppermost parts reflexive implementation are led in reflective fabric. Decently mesh is also areas in the armpit. Which is not used or reflective mesh material, you'll find a bright yellow polyester fabric. It adds to the visibility and safety as well as daylight.

Indeed for runners


In testing, I felt as if the man, who designed this vest, was himself a runner. He thought about everything. Vest adequately ventilated while the right places to protect athletes from the wind. The back is nicely extended and more so protects some parts of the guard.


Pockets, mesh inside, are large enough to accommodate even the largest mobile phone, handkerchiefs or a handful of energy gels. The entrance is guarded them quality YKK zippers and cover extension. In addition the pockets are sewn so that it can also be used inside in which actually consists of two other pockets. Though not closing, but if necessary, represent an additional storage space.


Quality and sturdy zipper is also used to fasten the vest. Cover Legume form a mutually reflective material. In addition, placket at the upper end creates a so-called garage, so after you complete tensioning zip will not rub on the chin. The collar is worked into the collar. Protection from wind and nowhere nor avoids stiffness.

Good price


The vest is available in four sizes: S, M, L and XL. My person short little over 170 cm sizes M fell like a glove. A very pleasant surprise was the price. Less than 650 crowns came to me for this piece. Basically for the same price I was on sale (!) Once he bought a reflective running safety vest from one world tinged manufacturer. Scanty reflective elements and bad treatment from her soon made a hated piece of equipment.