Last night, the young biker died on the side of the road RD 75. On arrival, emergency have done anything. We need to care more about road safety because it’s dangerous.


After a terrible shock, the driver of the car that hit gave the alert. He claimed to have seen nothing, just hitting something. By phone the police, he explained that his companion was injured. Supported by a motorist, the couple was taken to the University Hospital of Besancon. The man has been arrested a few minutes later.


The driver aged 30 was taken into custody a large part of the day.

According to the first elements of the investigation, mountain biking adolescent had a very low lighting. Young was not wearing a reflective vest or helmet. He was dressed in dark color. On the spot, the police found no skid marks. The driver could not see the cyclist. The latter was not under the influence of alcohol.


The victim is a young person living in Serra-les.

His bike was placed under seal. The investigation continues.

When you ride at night, please wear a safety vest or reflective clothing, it can save your life.