Three accidents where pedestrians have been caught by cars have been taking place since Sunday. A 16-year-old was seriously injured. The police in safety vest are appealing to the public in the dark season to be particularly attentive.


On the accident at the Parks, where a 16-year-old pedestrian was captured by a car on the early Monday evening, the police reported further details on Tuesday.

The Ludenscheid, who was taken to the Mariachi Kinkier by the rescue vehicle, was therefore seriously injured, but not life-threatening.


Accident equipment searched

The 48-year-old driver of the participating Mitsubishi, also Ludenscheid, was traveling from the direction towards the city center as the darkly dressed young people stepped onto the roadway. He had not noticed her, according to the police.

The police estimate the property damage on the car at 2000 Euro, and the car was secured for further police investigations.


Similar accident at the Freighter Street

Already on Sunday a 36-year-old, also darkly dressed peasantries was caught by a car and slightly injured. She wanted to change the side of the road at the pedestrian street at the Freighter Street, even though the traffic light already showed "red" for her.


Pedestrian slightly injured without reflective vest

A similar accident occurred on Sunday evening around 20.25 at Antennae Strafe 31. The 23-year-old driver of a Seat Leon turned off onto the Antennae Strafe, ignoring a 25-year-old pedestrian, the "green" at the pedestrian's streetcar to change.

She was touched by the car and slightly injured. The seat suffered a loss of about 1000 Euros. A police officer, who had witnessed the accident, confirmed that the woman went "green".


Police give behavior tips

After three accidents of this kind happened within two days, the police reminded of traffic regulations - especially in the dark season.

"More attention is needed both for drivers and pedestrians," the police said. And also a flyer from police, traffic guard and ADAC provides some hints.

Fully freeze the discs


Drivers should therefore keep distance, be ready to brake and slow the pace. In the mist, they should not turn on the high beam because the fine water droplets reflected the light and thereby worsened the visibility.

"In frost, all iced slices are completely free-wheeling and do not drive with misted discs," are further recommendations.

Do not miss distraction by mobile phone and music


Pedestrians recommend the police to wear light or reflective clothing, to use existing crosses when crossing roads and not to be distracted by the mobile phone or loud music via headphones.