"Wheel stands, child goes". Poster to the beginning of school 2017

Emil on the way to school: The cabaret artist accompanied the primary school pupils in Mogen. Car drivers need to be caring more about the road safety, now the school children are back on the road. Car drivers have to be particularly careful in the coming days. In the whole of Central Switzerland, many children are traveling alone on the street for the first time.

The new school year begins today in most of the Swiss cantons. In the streets, therefore, a lot of children are on their way again - hundreds of them for the first time alone. The police are therefore asking drivers to be particularly ruthless. True to the motto "wheel stands, child goes" these should not only brake, but stop completely before the pedestrian strips. Particular care should be taken especially near school buildings. To increase the safety of schoolchildren, kindergartens receive colored light bars; first-graders have a safety vest.

Always stop at the pedestrian crossing

Motorists should stop at pedestrians and not just slow down the pace. "The reason for this is that it is difficult for children to assess distances and speeds of vehicles," says Erwin Grain, Chief Prevention of the Luzerne Police.

Children learn, therefore, that they should not enter a pedestrian strip before the wheels of a vehicle completely stand still. Many drivers would not, however, and would therefore not quite stop. Often they would give a hand signal or press the headlights, so Grain to the usual misconduct of the car drivers. This could be misunderstood by the children and made them imprudent.

Important for the children

Parental taxis are urgently advised by the police. According to Erwin Grain, Chief Prevention of the Luzerne Police, the school path is an important step for children to be on their way to independence. Only if the children go to school on foot, they would also learn to move safely in traffic; parents can equip a reflective vest for keep children safer on road.