Numbers are appalling. We lose PLN 14.6 million a day, PLN 321 million a month, and over PLN 3.8 billion a year! Yes, these are measurable losses caused by traffic jams in the seven largest Polish cities. The inhabitants of these through traffic jams lose eight hours a month! Also the traffic jams is not good for road safety, it easy to occur the accidents.


This is the fifth edition of the Deloitte and Target advisory. Compared to previous years, the situation is getting worse.

- Compared with 2014, this is a 12% decrease, which is more than PLN 1.5 million a day, PLN 34 million a month and PLN 400 million a year respectively. Moving on to the microeconomic level, the cost of traffic congestion for a seven-city passenger-traffic driver increased by as much as 18 percent and on average PLN 3350 per year compared to PLN 2848 in 2014. In nominal terms it was an increase in cost by PLN 502 per year, Member of the Board, Deloitte Consulting.


Most capped cities in Poland

The report includes traffic analysis from the following cities: Warsaw, Wroclaw, Krakow, Poznan, Gdansk, Lodz, and Katowice.

It turns out that the capital is not the worst at all. In this respect, the leading driver in safety vest is Wroclaw, whose drivers spend 8 hours and 52 minutes a month in traffic. Another is Krakow - 8 hours and 36 minutes, and then only Warsaw - 8 hours and 12 minutes. The fourth place is Poznan with an average time of 8 hours and 9 minutes. Significant improvement is seen in the case - 6 hours, Gdansk - 5 hours and Katowice - 4 hours and 57 minutes.


Unfortunately, if you look at the situation in terms of losses in the financial dimension, the first place is Warsaw. Its residents lose $ 3976 a year. On the one hand, the highest salaries (the authors of the report accept average pay in the enterprise sector) in the capital raise the estimate of the costs of lost benefits, but on the other hand, the longer time spent in traffic jams makes the drivers in Warsaw lose 70% annually average monthly salary.


In Poznan time in traffic jams is similar to Warsaw, but due to the relatively large number of drivers and lower wages annual cost of traffic jams for residents of the capital is as much as 74% average of Poznan wages.

The lowest nominal cost of traffic jams, similarly to last year, was charged to drivers in Lodz and Gdansk, respectively, PLN 2,187 and PLN 2,223 per year. However, compared to the average pay in these cities, the annual cost of traffic jams in Nod amounted to 57 percent average monthly salary, while in Gdansk it was only 43%.


Wroclaw's record-high cost of traffic jams is as much as 81 percent. Average monthly salary per year, which consists of relatively high nominal cost of traffic jams (PLN 3 549 per month), relatively low base of remuneration (PLN 4,368 per month gross) and high and increasing time lost in traffic jams.