The concessionaire of Port San Antonio Terminal International, as part of its zero accident policy, is conducting a campaign to enhance safety and efficiency in the transport of cargo and those who perform; for it are making a partnership work with the Association of Carriers (APSAI) who during the day on Friday were handed out reflective vest and patents for the roofs of their trucks.


"We take months already working about five months, working with an open and sensible dialogue between the leaders of APSAI and area managers, executives and managers STI, basically to work hand in hand, trying to find bodies to improve issues of terms operations, security so that they can use their time to the fullest and we also ours. We believe that way, working together, we will achieve this port remains is the main port of the country, "he said commercial manager of STI, Cristobal.


Jaime, president of the Association of San Antonio this is a job of communication that allows them to solve the problems that are faced as carriers into the port.

"The work we are doing with STI is basically communication to view the topics of the logistics chain, the problems arising in transport and solve them, and we inform our partners as is the procedure that takes STI against different issues, and thus have a news channel , "Jaime said.


Facing birth of a project, the commercial manager of STI said that he was born into the terminal, which takes about two years, where the main goal they have raised is to have zero accidents: "We want all people entering the terminal, leaving the same way, healthy, as they arrived". "In that sense we have integrated preventers, improved our equipment, we have made risk matrices; we are always working with our employees, open tables, with good dialogue, so that all work in a safe manner, " said Cristobal.


The aim of the materials delivered Friday porters: patent self - adhesive, to be installed on the roof of the truck, in order to improve the safety of themselves and the load outside the terminal, and that the cranes can see much better truck registration, so that the container is delivered to the vehicle that corresponds more accurately. In turn they were given a reflective jacket for safety in case they need to come down from the truck, and also a flayer containing relevant information for its port operations. About the delivery of this material president APSAI said "is an important contribution to our partnership, give our associates its implements, we know that they have them, but these serve to aviator the partnership we have with the different actors port logistics chain ".


Present at the event was in charge of Public Affairs at the Port of San Antonio, Carlos, who congratulated STI and APSAI by the associative work being done, and in turn said they hope that these jobs remain in time. "As port authority, first congratulate the STI dealer, associative work is the way, this is a port that receives a lot of trucks every day, and of course as important as the load is who brings in that sense our drivers, as we saw today, are on a road safety. What sucks STI is to work and be productive, but surely, so we have seen the delivery of tools, and we have witnessed a conversation always with the spirit to operate maintaining security in all lines inside the port, we hope this partnership work continues," Said Monaca.


Jaime explained what the role of APSAI and few partners have for the moment; those waiting are increasing over time. "The role of APSAI is to represent the bearers of San Antonio, which so far are 78 partners and a total of 250 trucks. We are those who work in the area, from Melville down, everything related to issue and movement, either Central Puerto or STI, to have this representation we can reach the authorities our concerns, we have enough problems with parking lots, community we have situations that affect it, the idea is to channel and seek solutions to these issues, and it is the association," said Cristobal in reflective vest.

On the work carried out indicated that after receiving the news that they are formally an association, which was published in the Official Journal this June 9, will be held elections to choose the new policy, according outlined in the bylaws.


"The first thing is to make the formal meeting with our partners once they're made, proceed to a new election of directors democratically people to choose their representatives, and hence the new directive will determine the next steps; meanwhile we are leaving a working structure, channeling delegates by sector, we are forming an internal newspaper where it will report news and porters situations, "he explained.