People need to care more about the road safety. The number of accidents on the school and home routes has increased massively over the previous year. This mainly affects the 13- to 15-year-olds, it is said in the published on Tuesday accident Traffic Statistics 2016, the Cantonal Police St. Galen.


Why is the number of accidents involving school children, compared to the previous year of 29 has increased to 44, you cannot agree with the Kapok. "Since the accidents occurred in different places, they have not been studied in detail," said spokesman Kuris.


Pedestrians are visible

It is in principle but so that students no longer receive traffic instruction in middle school. This was mainly due to the lack of personnel to the police. You had to decide which students to school or not. "But was to abolish the traffic instruction in kindergarten never an option," says Kuris.


To avoid accidents with children appeals Kuris to parents: "The behavior in traffic is also educational thing." But it is also important that young people learned personal responsibility - and that they above all be aware, "Who has no body loses.” In addition, the police advise to lighter clothing, especially in winter. "When pedestrians should always be very visible," says Kuris. Therefore, the police reflectors, fluorescent jackets or reflective tapes recommend drawing attention to them.


Lack of experience in transport

When TCS says spokespersons David Veneto on request of 20 minutes: "Many young people wear for fashion reasons no fluorescent jackets." That's why the TCS Switzerland has together with the Council for Accident Prevention Campaign "made visible" launched. In addition to helpful tips latter contains also appropriate garments and accessories, who allowed integrating into a stylish outfit.


That more young people aged 13 to 15 years had an accident, Veneto leads back to a lack of experience on the road. "The speed of the motor or electric vehicles can sometimes be totally underestimated." In addition, but I'm also the danger of distraction, such as headphones or Smartphone. Therefore, he advises: "Whether pedestrians, Tiff- or motorists - one should always focus one hundred percent on the road."