It should have a yellow vest and wear it in case of emergency stop.

From 1 January 2016, the bikers will have to hold them or in storage their vehicle a high visibility vest, commonly referred to as "yellow vest" or "safety vest."


In case of emergency stop, they will wear during the descent of their two or three wheels to improve their visibility. Compliance with this requirement may be checked by the police and fined by a contravention of 1st class for non-detention and 4th class in the case of not wearing the reflective vest as a result of an emergency stop (11 Euros for the absence of the vest up to 135 Euros if it is not worn in case of emergency stop..

Reminder: the night of cyclists riding on open road or day by poor visibility should carry with them a fluorescent safety vest certified with CE mark on it. The possession of this retro-reflective safety vest is mandatory for all motorists.