Navy seal garbage one with safety vest discovers another navy seal with the lights off trying to escape attention in every way (crouching in the dark, unlit side lights, mute as a fish). She looks at him suspiciously long, then convinced of recognition, he decided spoke to him: "You Engineer, here at this hour?”


The other (sadly) and a little 'embarrassed: "Yes, unfortunately ..."

The Navy Seal 1: "But why she lives in one of the most prestigious districts of the city center is here at this time of night, which I would wish only the most hardened of my enemies, risking his life?"


The answer was simply: "In my neighborhood differentiated began ..."

Navy seal 1, adjusting her reflective vest: "I do not understand: it is not happy? It 'a huge step forward in the affirmation of the country's civilization ".


The engineer replied: "You will see ... But my problem is another. It does not have escaped your notice that gets older and for me insane unravels the couch after a day of struggle, always lost, with osteoarthritis, is neither easy nor pleasant. I sleep little; at most nine are in bed, knows a bit 'like children after carousel. So the first day I set the alarm clock and punctual to ten five I was down with my bags full of material ready to be recycled, and happy to have done my duty, I recovered at home. I'll tell you that apart from some initial difficulty this new time I find farsighted because true is that in the summer at seven is not yet dark, but to 22 during the summer, which among other things I will always stand less, there will be more fresh and our administration, which is attentive to our health, protect us from any more possible heatstroke letting the 'body gets used gradually and in good time before the summer, although it is pitch dark outside. "


The other, almost continuing: "And then wants to put the magic of doing your duty with awareness with the coolness of the evening and the serene complicity of the thick darkness of ten in the evening...”


The engineer: "In fact, however, sees tonight ... I did not want just to wake up at ten. On the other hand I separate everything: plastic, paper, steel, aluminum, wet (by the way you think the wet and the staff are the same thing?) And at one point I had as a kind of flash. I revised to throw everything together in a nice black bag plastic magnificent funeral in a town dumpster old. I decided at that point to try again intoxication that caught me when I approached all smelly container of my youth with a nice big bag of trash undifferentiated and I came here to this paradise of waste where you can throw everything after seven evening without bothering to go crazy in the screening, separating, bagging, confer, moreover, without having a clear idea of ​​what is possible and what is not. In the bag I just entrusted to the landfill there is all more or less well-separated but all together as one and so will soon be home to sleep before you do ten at night. If we consider that this is perfectly legal... “


It was then that she wear a reflective clothing and heard an inhuman thud coming from the dumpster, someone had thrown a huge bag inside the container and our thought he recognized in 'performer of the gesture a noted exponent of the people well, maybe a professional or a senior executive, definitely coming from the highest in the country districts; They looked astonished even if in their hearts they hoped to be wrong.