Not everyone runs only in good weather and only on modified trips with a reflective vest. And not everyone runs barefoot like Tomas or Luke. That's why you will appreciate when you do not feel snow in the winter. The cuffs protect you from dirt, needles, sand. In short, nothing will get into the shoe, but sweat does not. So why not enjoy the next mile at an acceptable price?


Decathlon is also on the road after running on the track, running in the field. And that's certainly a good idea. Anyone who ran on a muddy road between the fields, in piles of fall leaves in the autumn, in a field with a needle or stone, or even in the desert of billions of sand beams, knows how an unpleasant foreign body can be in the shoe.


A stony stone, a piece of twig or a larger needle from a tree can not only be a source of discomfort. They can distract your leg; make blisters, damaged socks or even boots. In order to avoid such an unpleasant problem, it is possible to protect the sleeves. For 379 crowns, you can buy one universal from the Kalinin brand.


Reliable comfort

The cuffs are essentially frusta-conical. The material used is elastic in all directions, so the top frame does not have to carry any elastic or cords. The lower rim is reinforced in the back with a rigid, non-stretch fabric, in front of the robust rubber strap. The front part is attached to a shoe or lace with a reliable plastic hook. At the right place, the entire sleeve holds a strap surrounding the shoe sole in its center. The band is made of two-layer rigid fabric, but on both sides it has elastic ends. On one side, the strap is fastened by a small plastic buckle, the so-called trident.


The bottom hem is also interesting from the inside. Its stable position is guaranteed by two types of silicone strips - from the back full, wide, from the front of the wave bone pair. And that's basically everything. The overall design is complemented by a large logo across the front and a small silver inscription on the back hem, which may also be reflective, as it mostly covers the reflective equipment of the shoe itself. However, the manufacturer refused to give up the reflex, probably because of not raising an interesting price.


One fly

The hangings with me ran many tens of kilometers across the woods, over the oranges, the gravel roads, and some of the sand. Surprisingly, they were sitting well, and at the same time they did not point out unnecessarily by thunder or thunder. I did not get anything at all in my shoes, which made me very happy. Also, the socks did not change radically from snow-white to tractors brown. Problems could only occur if you fall into a deep mud that will make you run out of cakes and at the same time operate on all the high-pressure jets. Even such cases have been experienced together, but always on short stretches where the sleeves have met with honor.


The only thing that surprised me in the trail sheaths in the negative sense of the word was the buckle tapes across the shoe. There was nothing serious about the clay, the needles, the mud, but after running between stones, gravel or sand combined with hard ground, the ribbons began to tear apart. So far, after about 80 kilometers, it is not dramatic. Belts hold and fully fulfill their function. In the future, however, it will certainly pose a problem your mother will need to familiarize with her sewing machine. So the reflective tape is one star down, otherwise it's basically a lot of music for a little money.