Primary School No. 6 F. Chopin - the best school in the podia in the prestigious "Reflective School" competition organized by the Traffic Department of the Provincial Police Headquarters in Krakow, Provincial Office, Marshal's Office of the Krakow Road Safety Council.

The patrons of the campaign were: the National Road Safety Council and Radio Krakow. The aim of the competition is to promote among students the rules of safe road travel and the obligation to wear reflective elements, deepening the parents 'and guardians' awareness of the use of reflective elements, promotion in the local environment of all initiatives shaping the proper attitudes of children and parents in the field of road safety.

The initiator of the action at the school is Ms. Moraga - headmaster of the school. Already from September this year, the whole community of "Sixes" actively participated in the Competition. At school, a number of activities were undertaken to implement the above assumptions in which all teachers and students were involved, with the support of parents, sponsors and school friends. Mr. Paulina Kruczek - a teacher of mathematics, took up the coordination of the competition with wearing a reflective vest.