The Highway Code defines the bicycle as a velocipede considering it as a real vehicle. To this must be fitted - as well as brakes and bell - with front lights to white or yellow and rear light to red light, and wear a reflective vest to light in poor visibility conditions or times, half an hour after sunset until half an hour before dawn, in galleries or tunnels, as well as rear red reflector and yellow on the pedals and on the sides.

Specifically, as also noted the public notice of the municipal police, Article 182, Paragraph 9a of the Highway Code obliges to wear vest or suspenders with high visibility reflective stripes, with according to the law characteristics, always during the night and even during the day as you drive through tunnels or galleries. These provisions apply at night, in non-urban routes and always in the gallery.

Violation of any of these regulations may result in a minimum fine of 25 Euros. Always according to the article 182 cyclists in safety vest must proceed on a single line in all cases in which the traffic conditions so require, and, however, never more than two side by side in number. When circulating outside the towns must always proceed in a single row, except that one of them has less than ten years, and proceed on the other's right.