You are looking for a reflective jacket for your workouts? Pierre-Yves you detail the characteristics of the Under Armor Run Chrome jacket he tested.


Writing Leaped-info told me the Chrome Run jacket of the Under Armor brand to test for a few weeks. Luckily and thanks to our beautiful weather, I could test this jacket in different conditions (rain, wind, cold, etc.)


First I will say that this jacket perfectly bears his name. Indeed, thanks to its super reflective fabric could well find its place in the glove box of your car instead of the famous yellow jacket, or just on the back of an agent of roads and bridges. When night comes up or the day falls, or as soon as the sun rises or night goes down ... in short all here to tell you that this jacket is very safe at night and offers maximum visibility while keeping a maximum 'aesthetic.


During the first stride jacket fits snugly to the body and allows a total mobility of the body and of the upper limbs due to the elasticity of the tissue ideally positioned. Template rather small (1m73), the jacket down a little lower on the body is compared to a conventional jacket Running.

I've tried this jacket in different conditions. The magic of the new tissue is a real barrier to wind and rain. Although sweating is removed, this jacket is worn in cool weather (10 degrees max) to avoid overheating. The jacket is a comfort and is very comfortable to wear. I have seen no friction and no irritation, so it is quite possible to wear directly on the skin.


Suspended from a hanger at the end of your workout, it dries relatively quickly and will be operational for your next day's sitting

Two pockets on the side of the jacket allow widely accommodate your smart phone. Too bad the manufacturer is not provided within a small pocket so that it will ride too and a grommet to connect your headphones.


To summarize, this high-end jacket with reflective tape and very wearable, will perfectly suit you during your workouts fresh and moist, or just to replace your jackets to get to your workouts or competitions.


- All season’s jacket

- Protection from wind and rain

- Maximum visibility

- Comfort


- prices a bit excessive

- Unsuitable pocket for using an MP3 player