All thermal shorts reflective jacket Look Excellence is emerging as a powerful product that allowed us to train all winter.

This is French, yes ma'am! We must innovate, diversify, and propose new to survive in today's trade. The Levers brand, building on its 25 years of experience in the bike, pedals and other cycling components, continues its diversification by offering a range of clothing that deserves a fitting. Knowing the attention that the French brand Look for its bikes and other products, it is reasonable to expect innovative clothes, practices and even avant-garde. We were submitted test all shorts jacket-long thermal, high-end products of the brand Look.


After three months of testing, mainly in Lozier and in the Alps, in very varied weather changing from -27 ° to + 10 ° of the Aubrey plateau and weather (rain and snow), we can say both products are effective and have enabled us to maintain daily workouts, whatever the weather. This is a good start but some points remain to refine our perspective.



For its jacket as for his shorts, Look uses a high-tech reflective fabric, Carbon Resisted, fabric-based carbon fibers. The tissue is broken down by the perforations lasers.


Protection and ventilation:

Have beautiful clothes is one thing but the key is that they are effective in their use. During the three months of testing, we used the dress together in a variety of climatic conditions. To summarize, we enjoyed the jacket in temperatures ranging from -10 ° to + 10 °. The black focuses the least sunlight and seem transfer heat.


The jacket has in each round of a hand guard. Adding a perforated fabric wherein the thumb is slid. Thus positioned, the back of the hand is effectively protected from the weather and the cold. However, with use, this development becomes troublesome because a large pressure appears on the thumb joint.


The jacket of reflective material has two zipper openings located under the armpits. These openings can be opened if the athlete feels too much heat. They promote good air circulation, a wicking. In strong winds, we have strengthened protection by using the Look windbreaker white, and all perfectly satisfied us.